Jeanette Bruce, Relationships Australia Canberra Region
(Story Seeker™ Training Participant)

Jeanette Bruce Photo


“Jennifer is a highly skilled and incredibly ethical professional story seeker. She is deeply passionate about supporting people share their unique and powerful stories. The Story Seeker training is for anyone who is interested in learning how to do this. In addition to the practical tools you will learn the principles of ethical story seeking and telling – fundamental principles relevant to anyone responsible for sharing, marketing or communicating other peoples stories on their behalf.”


Mellissa Doran, Frontline Community Service Worker
(Story Seeker™ Training Participant)

Mellissa Doran crop“I attended an initial face to face session, however due to work commitments, had to complete the training via the Mastermind session.

I found both resources to be run very efficiently. The first session was held in the Aviator Room of a lovely hotel in Canberra and it amazed me that Jen had put so much consideration to the venue as part of the training. As a Community Service worker in Canberra, often the frontline work does not come with the perks of an inspirational environment, so to even consider this was great.

The Mastermind course was easy to navigate into (despite my lack of technical skills) and I was supported throughout this process immensely.

The actual training was fantastic. It was useful to have discussions and be able to raise any questions as to why things are done a certain way in order to gain better understanding of every detail that has gone into this package.

The materials provided as resources are thorough and well designed and I believe that when this is implemented, it will make for a smooth process.

I look forward to implementing the training this year with the clients of Karralika Programs. Our clients often enter our programs with many issues other than their AOD use and their use is often a symptom of some traumatic and tragic circumstances that have occurred in their lives. I believe that the Safe and Purposeful Story Seeking workshops will provide an outlet for clients to share a story of theirs and have a voice in regards to their own lives. Often clients with AOD issues have not had a voice and the disempowerment of this has contributed to or exacerbated their alcohol and drug use.

I believe that this training will also be a useful tool to provide insight to the wider community and reduce the instances of stigma often attached to people who experience AOD issues.”

(Digital Storytelling Workshop, Participant)

4“It’s been awesome.
I feel like I”m on a journey towards something and this process was a big piece of that puzzle.
Learning about myself and what I want to do with my life.

Learning how to tell myself “I’m okay.  My stories are okay”.

They’re my stories and that’s perfectly fine.”


Christy Newman, Social Researcher
(Story Seeker™ Training Participant)

Christy Newman photo“As a social researcher, I stumbled on the Engaging Solutions website when looking for a way to find out more about digital storytelling.  I was interested because of a number of things I had heard about the personal and political potential of this process in supporting people to tell their own stories in meaningful ways.  I needed to find a way to be brought up to speed quickly on the theory underpinning this process, and the practical details involved in conducting it well.

I can highly recommend Jennifer and Engaging Solutions, both in training story seekers and in supporting people from all walks of life in creating their own digital stories, and look forward to watching the stories she will be involved in bringing to life continue to unfold over the coming years.”

 Wendy Lightowlers, Veteran Stories Collector
(Story Seeker™ Training Participant)

Wendy Lightowlers“I really enjoyed the first session of our Story Seeker Mastermind. I found it informative and thought provoking. I have been to digital storytelling workshops in the past, however I believe your innovative approach to ‘safe and purposeful’ story seeking is the ‘missing link’ I’ve been searching for. The toolkit you provide will help me collect stories of Veterans in a safe and purposeful way (for both them and I).

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience – and for being supportive and encouraging. I’ll be highly recommending your Mastermind to others.”

(Digital Storytelling Workshop, Participant)

IMG_7385“The benefits I received from participating in the Engaging Solutions Digital Storytelling Workshop were varied.  A sense of worth, my opinion valued and a chance to discuss our stories with the other participants, losing my reluctance to share and make me open up.  Also, a sense of caring and sharing for other members of the community. I realized we all need other people to help share and enrich our lives.  My family was very supportive during the process and afterwards.

I am very grateful to Argyle Community Housing for giving me the opportunity to do the workshop as it has enriched my life, given me the chance to make new friends.

Argyle now holds a monthly morning tea thereby encouraging other tenants to socialise.

Jen made it like a family reunion – without the feuds!”


(Digital Storytelling Workshop, Participant)

IMG_7418“This process helped me.
It has been a wonderful process, absolutely beautiful.
A wonderful experience – not an easy process to go through but now I have, it’s better.

She’s gone but she’s not.
In my heart she’ll never be gone.
With this digital story Joan’s story is still alive.

This has helped my grieving process.
I bottled a lot up.
  This released a lot of things.
  There’s more understanding on my part and possibly for other people who watch it.

I have talked to counsellors, which helped a bit.
But this really feels like it has changed my life in a way that I think the grief is not so raw now.
I can look back now and I think it has really moved me along.
Jennifer’s persistence and diligence made me go further than I would have done.

To do it with others has been wonderful. Hearing their stories and them hearing mine has been beautiful.  It has had a big impact on me.”  


 Gerard Nolan, Disability ACT
(Digital Storytelling Workshop, Client Organisation)

Gerard Nolan“Working with Jen showed me the power of digital storytelling and how it can empower people to tell their story. However looking behind the scenes made me realise how well Jen engages with people and facilitates them to tell their story.

Jen is a doer. She engages directly with people in a respectful and professional manner and works alongside and with them in a way that facilitates them to make a film that reflects who they are and how they got here. The whole process was powerful and thought provoking.

Jen is an amazing worker and a fantastic facilitator.

I really endorse Jen’s work and would certainly work with Engaging Solutions in the future.”


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