Purrrrfect for healing or just a whole lot of fun!

Our animal companions give us warmth, love, entertainment, companionship and sometimes a reason to get up in the morning.   The internet and bookshops are filled to the brim with animal antic coffee table books – and don’t we love them!

It’s time to create your very own book, not just with your photos but also with your words, your memories, your reflections to make this a truly uniquely-you book!

Pamper yourself!  In this story session we help you find the words to express what your animal companion really means to you. Your words and photos are then put together in a beautifully printed coffee-table book.

Group of pet : Dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, goldfish, frog, rat, bird, guinea pig, reptile   --->

Don’t have photos? Or need new photos of your pets for the book?  No problem, we can include that in your session.

Pet Bereavement: This supportive process and unique product of memories and reflections is highly recommended for anyone grieving the loss of an animal companion (no matter how recently or long ago).   A perfect gift if you’re looking for a way to support someone experiencing pet bereavement.

Sessions are available in person (Canberra Region) or online via Skype.  
Call Jennifer on 0422 690 827 or email or fill out the form below. 

Jennifer’s household is currently inhabited by 1 dog, 2 cats , 2 blue-tongue lizards (the scaley-babies) along with endless parrots on the bird-feeders and in the garden pond.  It is often chaos.  She and her family wouldn’t have it any other way.

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