“My Stories Matter” (Festival of THE Rural Woman)

“My Stories Matter” (Festival of THE Rural Woman)


Four rural women were asked what life-stories they would like to explore and share.  After five weeks of group and 1:1 sessions, this is what they had to say…

Carla’s Story “The Spark”

A story of discovery and perseverance through personal hardships & relationship breakdown and how a simple life, nature & getting back to my roots empowered me as a woman beyond belief. Going rural is not a lifestyle change, it is how human kind has lived for thousands of years beforehand, we have forgotten of ways with the land and our roots. I believe it is of the utmost importance to re-connect with the land and our ancestral roots. It is not an easy journey and maybe not be for everyone but it has been a long and hard journey and at many times I truly believed that I could not do it and that I would need a man by my side. Instead i realised I could do everything as long as I put my heart and soul into it. Each one of us has this SPARK within ourselves, we just need to find it and go for it!

Karen’s Story “The Gift of Life”

A story of survival through two life threatening illnesses.


Sally’s Story “The Little Voice Inside”

The little voice inside-how the shy girl became a powerful woman I found it such a gift when I started to believe in and support myself finally. For many years I helped others obtain their goals but I never cared for myself and it was amazing what I was capable of when I started loving me. When Rebel asked me to be a part of this I was so excited, it is so wonderful for me to share my story about my writing and how with no experience I had written my father’s story and now made a film. All with encouragement from people and I want to let everyone know that they are capable of anything as well. Whatever their dreams are they can come true. If it comes up in your mind, it is for a reason. That is my motto. You need to do something about it. You are capable of anything.


Zoe’s Story “Riding the Breeze”

Giving Yourself Permission To Bloom As woman and mothers most of us put our needs at the bottom of a very long list. We sacrifice our own health and happiness so others can thrive. Its a woman’s nature to nurture but what happens when the kids move out and sometime relationships break down and your left not knowing who you are anymore.It is possible to love and take care of those we love and ourselves at the same time. Its possible to have your dreams come true without taking away from the passion you have for your family. You can have it all you just need to give yourself permission to bloom.


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