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“Jennifer is so easy going yet comprehensive.
She runs the workshop in a way that engages everyone and all seem to participate from the soul.
She makes it like a family gathering – without the feuds!
A very good teacher with an awful lot of patience. ”

Kathy, Workshop Participant

In each workshop, six participants will be given the unique opportunity to tell their stories both digitally and to each other. Typically, over a course of 5 weeks (1 day per week)*, this group will meet with me to closely examine their individual histories and what they are experiencing in their lives right now. These experiences, or “stories”, as we call them, will be shared with the group. To celebrate the success of each participant, these stories will be shown at a red carpet premiere, hosted by your organisation.
*Tailored schedules are also available to suit your community.

A Workshop Enquiry/Booking Form is located at the very bottom of this page for your convenience.

Before the workshop

I will meet with you and your team to ensure we plan the best possible experience for participants.  This will also be a time for your team to ask any questions or raise any concerns with me about my Story Seeker approach.  This is in the form of a 2 hour session that can be tailored to your requests. Options include a Story Seeker Seminar as a training tool for your organisation or an information session for potential participants or a combination of both.   I will also be researching what your organisation is all about so I can ensure everything about the workshop process and the stories produced in them support its message and activities.

During the workshop

In week one, the participants meet their facilitator (me!) for the first time. I will lead them through a talk on digital storytelling and the power of reflective practice through narrative. I will also share my story with the group. The purpose of this week is to safely introduce an overview of the workshop and to allow the group to build up trust amongst themselves and with me as well as to choose their story topic. The participants will have the chance to start sharing some of their own stories with the group. I will gently guide them through this process using a series of narrative therapy techniques that may include 1:1 interviewing and free writing.

In week two, participants dive into the digital piece of telling their stories. Production gets started as their voices are recorded saying their own words. Participants also bring in personal photos to illustrate their message, and these are scanned and turned into electronic pieces of the bigger digital story puzzle.

In week three, production really takes off as it all starts coming together. Participants work closely with me to direct me on how they would best like to convey their message. The participants may get hands on with editing software to create the rough cut of their videos.

In week four, the participants strengthen their bond as a group, connect with each other individual, or work on their stories as their videos go through their final edits. Special effects and audio are laid on top to bring the stories to life.

In week five, the workshop wraps up. Participants screen their videos for one another, introducing their stories and reflecting on them in the privacy of the group. It’s a very healing and connective experience for everyone.


Here there will be a brief break (usually two weeks) between the end of the in-person workshops and the final digital story screening as I polish and produce the participants’ digital stories so they are ready to be revealed to the world, pending the participants’ permission. The safety and security of the workshop participant is of the utmost importance to both your organisation and mine. Therefore, each individual will ultimately decide if they would like to show their story publicly at the final screening. Participants who do not showcase their stories will have received the therapeutic and social benefits of participating in the digital storytelling workshop and will be fully supported in their decision.

Once the post-production of the digital stories is complete, the workshop participants, the bigger community and I will hold a public viewing of the final products. This live event can be customised to the participants and your organisation, including the selection of a formal event or a more intimate party-like theme. In the past, at the final screening clients have chosen to unveil real red carpets and dress in their best.

The workshop participants will leave this experience with:

  • An in-hand copy of their digital story video
  • The workbooks and assignments from their five-week program
  • Internal healing that occurs with narrative therapy
  • The intimate bonds that will have developed among the participants
  • A feeling of community
  • A sense of gratitude toward the host organisation for this opportunity

Your organisation’s Digital Storytelling Workshop includes:

  • 2 hours Story Seeking Seminar/Information Session
  • 25 hours of live group workshop facilitation by me
  • 2 hours professional live screening event to celebrate the workshop and honour your organisation’s investment in your community’s wellbeing
  • 75 hours of behind the scenes work by me including all production management
  • Specially crafted workbooks with your organisation’s branding for all participants
  • Personalised story DVDs for all participants
  • Certificates of participation for all participants, signed by both your representative and myself
  • Promotional compilation DVDs and online links (youtube/vimeo) of all stories for your organisation to share
  • Professional photos of the workshops and the participants themselves
  • Written testimonials from the participants on how this workshop impacted their lives

Call now for a package quote tailored to your community and organisation
Jennifer Thompson direct mobile – 0422 690 827 

By commissioning me to facilitate and produce this innovative, life-changing workshop experience you are investing in your community and your brand in a powerfully authentic way with impacts lasting well beyond the workshop period. These workshops are intensive for both the participants and myself. I give each group of people my absolute all, which is why I now only do a very small number of workshops each year. Your investment enables me to give my full attention to your project over a two month period and provide the quality products your community members deserve.

If you are a national organisation with various geographically located communities I also offer a 12 month premium program including 4 x workshops. This premium program is for those organisations ready to invest in their communities. Price on application.

Here’s some of what my clients have to say…

Argyle Community Housing, Team Member

“Doing a storytelling program with Jen had a direct impact on our residents long after the sessions had stopped. The elderly participants who had essentially lived in isolation were now a close-knit group of friends. They still get together every single Tuesday without fail. They help each other. They check on each other regularly. They even spend Christmas together! It’s been amazing to watch such a strong support network develop here. I know it wouldn’t have been possible without Jen.”

Disability ACT, Team Member

“Working with Jen showed me the power of digital storytelling and how it can empower people to tell their story, but looking behind the scenes made me realise how important a good facilitator is to the process. Jen engages with people so well; she’s a doer. She’s respectful and professional, and she works alongside people in a way that allows them to make a film that truly reflects who they are and how they got here. The whole process was wonderful and thought provoking, and Jen is amazing – and a fantastic facilitator.”

Gugan-Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation, Team Member

“Reflection is a huge, huge empowering tool so this digital storytelling workshop was an opportunity for out people to heal and to grow.”

Workshop Participant, Ron aged 90

“I had been grieving my wife’s death for three years when I first met Jen. I had to shoulder the pain of her loss and the frustration of those around me who just didn’t understand how it could still hurt so much years later. People told me to “move on” and to “get over it,” but how could I when simply speaking her name made me break down in tears? I don’t think even I understood my grief.

When we started our storytelling workshop, I knew that this was my chance to work through these complicated feelings, to get it all out in the open and to finally articulate what I had been struggling to say for years. With Jen’s help we were able to identify what was going on, to draw it out of me and to express it to others. I got clarity and so did the people around me who had been confused by my grief. This workshop brought me peace, and it was the first time in a long time I’ve felt heard.”

Workshop Participant’s Mother

“Thank you to Jen for her expertise. Since learning Jen’s valuable teaching tools, others have had an easier time connecting with my adult son Sam, which may not have happened without her help. It’s another reason why digital storytelling is so inspiring.”

Need some words for funding a digital storytelling project?

Assets/needs assessment tool

Stories can identify strengths & concerns both individually and collectively
(from inside the community).

Enhance community engagement

Although working on individual stories, workshops provide a “collaborative art”, which “provides an opportunity to open up, connect, learn, and grow as part of a collective” (Lambert, 2007).

Valuable learning exchange

Community development workers learn about individuals and communities while offering a new experience (and skills) in return.

Integrity of process AND outcome

Asset-based workshops with long lasting, experiential effects AND an end product.


Life stories reaffirm individuals’ community membership and acknowledges their skills and attributes, thereby valuing community diversity.


Individual and then shared stories (experiences) have potential for a collective consciousness and advocacy tool.

Values the local

Produces “locally produced and locally relevant” material (Klaebe, 2007).

Ready to change people’s lives in your community with this workshop?

Great, let’s talk!
Fill out the form below or contact me direct via email or phone 0422 690 827.

Digital Storytelling Workshop Enquiry

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