Jennifer Thompson – Engaging Solutions’ Founder & Facilitator

Jennifer is an innovative community engagement professional combining community development, narrative therapy, and digital storytelling. Since 2010 her business Engaging Solutions has been helping individuals, NFP’s, government departments and private business connect, learn and promote through the delivery of tailored, authentic storytelling projects.

Story Seeker ™ is Engaging Solutions’ training arm transforming individuals, frontline staff and entrepreneurs into content creators using powerful authentic stories at low cost.

Jennifer believes in the power of authentic stories in personal wellbeing, community engagement, public relations, historical perspectives, and political action. Her many projects demonstrate how personal storytelling provides opportunities for reflection on the past, understanding of the present and hope for the future.

With a passion for the country’s cultural institutions having worked in and around them for much of her professional career, Jennifer is also an experienced archivist and curator.

Jennifer is a highly adaptable collaborator, educator, and mentor who excels at helping others reach their potential.

You can find out more about Jennifer’s qualifications and experience with her LinkedIn profile.

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